How you can help and get involved!

Recycle at home

Try reducing your waste (by being a conscience shopper and reusing items).

Be committed to recycling at home.

See our Create a Recycle System at Home page and our How to Recycle page for further details and advice.


Recycle in the garden

Learn how to compost grass cuttings, twigs, leaves, etc. We provide some information on this on these same pages listed above.


Recycle at school

Urge your local council, teachers, etc., to recycle. Contact local recycling companies to inquire about providing bins and pickup services.

Also make sure there are plenty of bins around the school and that they are properly labeled.

Many schools have old computers, TVs, or other electronics that are no longer good that could be recycled or fixed and given to those in need for example.


Recycle at work

Push for a recycling policy for staff to follow.

Offer separate bins that are each labeled and located in convenient places so recycling is made easy.


Volunteer & Participate at events

Whether it be with a school or community program/event, try to spend a couple of hours helping out. It usually ends up being a lot of fun and you get to meet other great people!


Donate to programs

Helping recycling programs and companies financially can make a big difference. If you don't have the time to volunteer, donating is another great way to contribute, especially if you are short on time.


Encourage others

Spread the word! This can easily be done by sharing tips and tricks or advice by word of mouth or on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Leading by example is also a great way to start as it will allow others to see how easy and beneficial it can be.



Find out what your recycling facilities accept and don't accept

Follow instructions on how to turn in these accepted recyclables

To help and get involved with You Too Can Recycle Toucan Anne: contact us and view our calendar for up coming events. You can also find us on Facebook and sign up for our newsletters!

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