DIY (Do it Yourself!)...

You may just be surprised how much your children actually find recycling to be fun. Reusing things for arts, crafts, and as toys is pretty simple and something most kids enjoy doing. Plus, it is another great way to spend time together! For ideas, feel free to follow us on Pinterest...

Besides, it will save you a ton and come in handy when you need a last minute gift or need to make decor for a party or for your own home :)

Here are some natural ways to replace some HHW (Household Hazardous Waste). For more Information, please visit and/or see our How to Recycle page.

Hazardous Waste Source Reduction around the Home

Drain Cleaner Use a plunger or plumber's snake.
Glass Cleaner Mix one tablespoon of vinegar or lemon juice in one quart of water.
Spray on and use newspaper to dry.
Furniture Polish Mix one teaspoon of lemon juice in one pint of mineral or vegetable oil
and wipe furniture.
Rug Deodorizer Liberally sprinkle carpets with baking soda. Wait at least 15 minutes
and vacuum. Repeat if necessary.
Silver Polish Boil two to three inches of water in a shallow pan with one teaspoon of salt,
one teaspoon of baking soda and a sheet of aluminum foil. Totally
submerge silver and boil for two to three more minutes. Wipe away
tarnish and repeat if necessary.
Mothballs Use cedar chips, lavender flowers, rosemary, mints or white peppercorns.
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