You Too Can Recycle is committed to teaching children to reduce, reuse and recycle. Through our outreach program, Toucan Anne and her Recycling Specialist friend go into schools to educate and engage children about recycling, green initiatives and sustainability.

The concept is simple...

teach a child to recycle when they're five and they will recycle when they're 25, 55, 75 etc.


 Learning how to recycle today for a better tomorrow!


Additionally, Toucan Recycling containers are used to start or expand recycling programs. Add a city, team, company or school logo to your toucan recycling container.

environmental benefits + revenue generated + future savings

...make recycling a no brainer!

You Too Can Recycle!

Here you will find some tips to help you start your own recycling program at home, tips on how to get your kids involved and excited about recycling, and other ways that can help the process.

School visits, shirts, stickers, and more!

More Coming Soon!

Go Green and Save Green while doing it!

10 quick and easy tips for school or work

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More coming soon!


More coming soon!



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